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  The owner, Bob Coleman, is a life-long resident of the Kansas City area.  He attended Purdue University, and graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Management.  His first significant job was as a trader on the Boston Stock Exchange, and he became a licensed insurance and annuities broker.  At the same time, his father was self-employed and owned a time clock sales & service company.  With the advent of personal computers, Bob needed an excuse to get one, and keeping the books for his dad was just the reason he needed.  But that required him to understand accounting.  After picking apart a small general ledger program, Bob suddenly got the passion for accounting.  For 4 years, he went to night school at Rockhurst College, and came away with an Accounting Certificate.  Throughout his career, he has consulted with hundreds of businesses all over Kansas and Missouri on different accounting packages.  

  In 2009, one of his Peachtree clients made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and he became the Controller at Scan American Corporation, a twenty million dollar distributor of major food processing systems.  After nine years, he retired from that position and now he is still very active with Coleman Accounting Service, Inc, with over 250 tax and 80 payroll clients to service, including several corporations.  He has a wife, Janelle, two sons and two daughters and nine grandchildren.  He flips houses on the side, and can share valuable tax strategies for investors. He is also the Treasurer of the Sherwood Forest Homes Association, serves on the Board of Directors, and is the webmaster for the neighborhood website.

Sherry Sullivan is the queen of Quick Books and Payroll.  She and her husband ran a bakery in Mission for a number of years, and still likes to share the occasional cookie, or scone after the frequent baking sessions they have.   She is doing a great job at keeping all our payroll and bookkeeping clients caught up

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