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Are you involved someway in real state?

Most of Bob's clients have a connection to real estate, one way or, flippers, realtors, landlords, or lenders.  As a result, Bob has concentrated on developing and researching tax strategies that apply to each individual.  He offers job costing techniques that help track cost basis for multiple properties.  He has discovered amazing smartphone apps that help track mileage, calculate the rise and tread for stair cases, tools for levels, protractors, unit conversion, and much more.  For example, there are GPS time and location trackers that let you know when and where your subcontractors are, in real time. 
 For an extensive listing of apps and utilities, check out this page.
 He loves to share all the tips and tax advice available.  By the way, Bob is also a flipper, wholesaler, and landlord.

   His favorite tool is the HouseFlippingSpreadsheet. AKA          It's a complete package that includes:

  • DEAL ANALYSIS, estimate repair costs & anaylze the MAO, maximum allowable offer

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT,  create scopes of work, manage project tasks & resources

  • ACCOUNTING,  create project budgets, track project Expenses & Project profitability

  • plus,  contractor templates, business presentations, lead management, rental analysis, and more 

MileIQ  ...... tracks mileage with GPS, records every trip, duration; business,           medical or charitable.  accepted by the IRS 5.99/mo, free w/ Office 365


Real Estate Networking Meetings in the KC Area
     Do not assume these are all live meetings.  Trust, but verify.

MAREI,    Mid-America Real Estate Investors  
         Holiday Inn,  87th & 169 Hwy, 8787 Reeder Rd,  6:00pm, 2nd Tuesday of each month, mtg. starts at 6:00,
         free for first time guests,  BE MY GUEST!,  lots of discounts and benefits of membership, featured  speakers,                 large group 120+ per meeting.   free hors d'oeuvres
Home Resource Network      at the ACA Club, 6840 W 105th, every Tuesday at 11:30, guest
             speakers,   hosted by Ron Ireland and Bob Coleman, normally 45-60 people, 1 block east of Metcalf.
InvestHer,     Women Only REI Group,  2rd Thursday every month, 4200 Somerset Dr, Prairie Village, KS    
          hosted by Serena Bales, KW Realtor 913-912-9350 
Winvestor's weekly meeting
         zoom & in person,   at the Westport PlexPod, every Wed at 9:00am

Landlords of Kansas City, KS    9338 State Ave  Frontier Steak House
          dinner & networking, 6-7:00, speaker at 7:00     3rd Tuesday of each month
Cass County Landlord Assn    Carnegie Village,  103 Bernard Dr, Belton, MO 64012
          7 -9:00 pm,  3rd Tuesday of each month
Blue Springs REI, Tax Lien Sales    Perkins,  3939 S. Bolger Rd,  Indep, MO  64055
          6:30 dinner,  7:00 speaker,   hosted by Larry & Jan Jordan    3rd Thursday of each month
Landlords of Johnson County          Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty, OPKS,    First                      Wednesday of each month           6:00 -9:00pm
Northland Real Estate Group   ACA Club, 1400 NW Vivion Rd, KCMO 
      2nd Saturday of each month,   9:00 -10:30,  hosted by Frank Lewis

CashFlow Game Night    Every Thursday night, 4200 Somerset Dr,  Prairie Village, KS,  hosted by                   Serena Bales,  KW Realtor,   913-912-9350,,  6:30 - 8:30
Landlords of Eastern Jackson County          Weber Flooring /Joe's Carpet, 13800 E 42nd,                   Independence, MO     4th Thursday of each month,   6:30 pm

Jackson County Real Estate Investment Group    Lifetime Investments, 4 W Monroe,              Buckner, MO     hosted by Kim Pittman,   last Wednesday of each month  6:00 networking,   6:30 meeting
Landlords, Inc   (KCMO)    Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak, KCMO (west door) ,   
          4th Tuesday ea. month     6:30  networking,   6:45   meeting
Auction 101    Top Hat Winery,  120 S Main St, Indep, MO  64050     1:00 to 3:00
          hosted by Rachel Bailey, manager       1st Thursday of each month
KC Multi-Family Meetup Group
      3rd Thursday of each month,  to be determined, 6:00     hosted by Angela Hagen & Christina Erickson-Hoffman
ACA Business Club    6840 West 105th St., OP, KS 66212,    Friday mornings, 9:00  Coffee
          by invitation only,  Be my guest!

see video of Bob's latest flip house, at 5XX4 Lyon Ave, KCMO 64123
asking $125,900.
sold for $129,900

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