Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation


      38 years of experience with filing individual taxes for the employed as well as the self-employed.   Bob has again been qualified as a registered AFSP participant (Annual Filing Season Program), which allows his name to be included on the IRS website with the distinction of having passed rigorous testing.  A small percentage of tax preparers have this designation.   You can have your taxes prepared in a comfortable setting while you wait, if you like.  Turnaround is fast and accurate and inexpensive.


Partnership Accounting and Taxation


      A good deal of thought is needed in the creation and maintaining of a partnership.  Every transaction will impact, in one way or another, each of the partner's capital accounts.   Partnership accounting is more complicated than for a sole proprietorship.  In a sole prop, you always know to whom the assets ultimately belong to.  Good software can certainly make the difference between success and failure.  And Bob can help with that.


Corporate Taxation

       Whether a C-Corp or an S-Corp, the presence of a complete general ledger is mandatory.  The balance sheet and the profit & loss statement tell the whole story.  Often, the corporate return is easier to finish than the individual return, because all the data is right there.





 These are some of our rates for preparation :

1040   Individual Income Tax Return,           75  per return          

1040SR   Income Tax Return for Seniors     80 per return

A         Itemize Deductions                               60  per form

B         Interest & Ordinary Dividends              5  per item

C         Sole Proprietor Profit & Loss               75  per form

D         Capital Gains & Losses                          22  per form

E          Page 1, Rental Property                         22  per form

E          Page 1, Additional Properties              28  per rental

E          Page 2, Partnerships or S-Corps         15  per form

EIC      Earned Income Credit                          55  per form

F          Farm Income and Loss                         75  per form

Sched 1, Added Income & Adjustments          8  per form

Sched 2, Tax                                                          8  per form

Sched 3, Additional  Credits & Payments       8  per form

SE        Self Employment Tax                         25   per form

1120S    C or S-Corp Tax Return                            it depends

             Office In Home (8829 or corp)          44  per form

2106     Employee Business Expense            44  per form

2441      Child & Dependent Care                   40  per form

8867     Preparer's Due Diligence                   55  per form

State Tax Return                                               38  per return

bookkeeping                                                  80  per hour

Audit Protection/ID Theft                          included

Quick Books training and setup               80  per hour

Peachtree (Sage 50) training                     70  per hour

                       Please call for additional rates.

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