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  • Maintain a general ledger of the client’s accounting transactions.

  • Record journal entries for depreciation and amortization of loans.

  • Reconcile bank statements and credit card statements.

  • Investigate and allocate unidentified transactions.

  • Produce monthly balance sheet and profit & loss statements

  • Produce reports of subsidiary ledgers, i.e. accounts receivable

  • Provide periodic payroll for staff.

  • Produce payroll reports and filing forms.

  • Initiate timely payments of payroll taxes.

  • Prepare quarterly estimated tax payment vouchers.


Bob Coleman has been a Certified Consultant for several years. Peachtree, now known as Sage 50, and Quick Books entered the market long ago as entry level accounting  packages,  but both  have evolved to  very robust  systems.   Xero is a newer entry, and a real challenger to the giants in accounting.   
For any accounting software package, the key to long lasting success is to pay much attention to the initial setup. There are multiple sample charts of accounts in any package, along with sample companies to  use  for  training.   However,  since  every company  is  different,  your  chart  should be customized for your operation.   And there are multiple ways to  accomplish most any goal.  Bob or Sherry can help, not only with tailoring your accounts,  but can suggest office procedures that will help streamline the production of financials that will only help, not hinder the management function.



Bob loves to share his knowledge of tips and tricks to create truly useful spreadsheets. Peachtree, Xero, and QuickBooks will export to Excel, and the ability to create amazing reports is second to none.  Bob has often said that if he had to give up all his software programs but one, he would keep Excel.  It can do just about anything.  

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